Onward, etc...

Onward, etc…

Onward, etc.

Onward, etc. is a musical project that was put together by guitarist and lead singer, Rosco Wuestewald. Leaving the midwest at an early age, he started his journey of traveling and playing around the world. The idea was to form groups of musicians from different parts of the country to tour and have each show be completely different based on location. The journey has been a great success, forming pieces of the band. in places such as Alaska, The Dakotas, Montana, Minnesota, New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago and Hawaii.

Onward, etc., which takes rowdiness to another level, is rooted in sound and  influenced by other outstanding musicians including LARRY & HIS FLASK, Mumford & Sons, The Devil Makes Three, & Delta Sprirt, among others. The band has toured the country several times over, performing for club and festival circuits and have made several stops internationally as well.

In 2014, Onward signed with DC-Jam Records and entered D.O.’B Sound Studio in Los Angeles, CA, to record the groups first full length album, entitled “Sonder On”.  The sessions included many guest musicians, including artists from Flogging Molly and Larry & His Flask.