rudy schartz project delicious ass frenzy

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Radiating once more like a shining beacon of hope through a maddening fog of idiots arguing about Obama’s birth certificate, The Rudy Schwartz Project returns after a fifteen year hiatus from the music industry with their first release of new material since 1995’s “Günther Packs a Stiffy”. Originating in Austin, Texas, “The Project,” as it is known by the landlord who has been trying to evict them, has been transplanted to Canada, a nation which had previously been renowned for insufferable politeness, moose antlers, and nationalized health insurance. “Delicious Ass Frenzy” is just that. An appetizing mélange of freshly crafted Rudy Schwartz Project ditties destined to take their place in the hearts of all who cherish freedom, self-sacrifice, and explosive orgasms with no emotional commitments. Influences abound in this stylistically diverse collection which runs the gamut from hillbilly smut, to spaghetti western music for xanax users, to Québécois doo wop. Give it a listen, and then visit your nearest Canadian consulate to learn about other ways Canada makes life better.